A Note to Seniors

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There is not much in a teenagers life more important than their Senior Year. As they transcend into an adult role in life, their senior year is a milestone not to be forgotten.

Their senior portraits are a part of that commemoration that will be revisited time and time again over their lifetime.

The high school photographer says, that to be in the yearbook you have to use their images. This is because the yearbook staff wants all the images to look alike for their layouts. That is only the tux or drape images. In their letter sent home to the parents they fail to say that. They say if you want your portrait in the annual we have to do your senior portraits.

For those who want to be photographed as a person rather than a part of a herd of cattle, there is an alternative. Have your tux or drape image done for the annual by the school photographer and come to Kerr Studio for your special images.

We at Kerr Studio want to work with you to capture your personality, and individuality.
We encourage you to bring in anything that says who you are. Maybe a pet dog or cat, or a musical instrument,or a letter jacket that you worked hard to get. We want your experience to be one of fun.

We are a part of your community and ask for your support.

Thank you,

Ron Kerr

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